About Us

Our History

SEEC was established in August 2007 by Director Andrew Macleod and former Director Mark Passfield. SEEC offer a unique combination of expertise in environmental engineering, ecosystem management, geomorphology and soil science. We have a particular strength in stormwater quality, water sensitive urban design (WSUD) and erosion and sediment control. 

We offer prompt, professional, cost-effective solutions from our interactive and flexible team who use the latest design and modelling software.


We have an enviable reputation for professional integrity and accuracy in all of our work. Government agencies and Councils recognise that we don’t cut corners or try to sneak through sub-standard work. We place very high expectations on ourselves in terms of technical proficiency and getting it right first time, and our clients can expect nothing less.


SEEC staff have years of experience in environmental management in both the public and private sector. We know how to meet regulatory requirements and develop environmental solutions, and we know who to call in government to discuss your site.


We seek to provide a positive outcome in a timely manner for our clients. A consultant who gets it right first time ultimately saves you time and money. We work alongside you, listen to you, and provide advice where necessary, all with the ultimate goal of giving you a great service and a positive outcome.


We at SEEC believe that great service includes a great product, and a great experience. When utilising our services, it’s our job to ensure that our product meets your requirements. We also want to provide a great experience for our clients – friendly and reliable staff, plain-English communication, honesty and integrity in all of our dealings.

Our Staff

All of our professional staff are tertiary-educated and hold certifications in their fields of expertise. Our staff includes Certified Professional Soil Scientists (CPSS – see http://www.asssi.asn.au), Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC – see http://www.austieca.com.au) and Certified Professional Engineers (CPENG).

Andrew Macleod

Andrew is a Director of SEEC and one of our principal environmental scientists. He has extensive expertise in soil and water management including erosion and sediment control, MUSIC modelling, water cycle management, soil science and provision of training services.
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Jason Armstrong

Jason is a Director of SEEC and he coordinates the engineering design team. He has extensive experience in civil engineering, flood studies, road and carpark design and stormwater. He has expertise in the engineering design of environmental management structures, especially water sensitive urban design elements.
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Alyssa Thomson

Alyssa is a civil engineer with extensive expertise in soil and water management, particularly erosion and sediment control on large scale infrastructure projects. She has experience in the integration of environmental aspects into engineering design including stormwater drainage and flood studies.
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Liam O’Rourke

Liam is a qualified Environmental Engineer with expertise in Onsite Wastewater Management. He has skills in land assessment and design of wastewater systems.
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Bill Johnson

Bill is a Director of SEEC, a Certified Professional Engineer and is based in our Queensland office. He has extensive experience in stormwater drainage, water sensitive urban design, flood assessments, surface water harvesting, erosion and sediment control and site auditing.
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Kel Sanson

Kel is a qualified Environmental Scientist based in our Queensland office. He has extensive experience in all aspects of erosion and sediment control, site auditing and also provides regular training.
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Ciaran Bromhead

Ciaran is a qualified Environmental Scientist based in our Bowral office. His expertise is in onsite wastewater management and GIS information.
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