FLOCAL 2.11 Software for Temporary Stormwater Channel Design

SEEC’s FloCal is a powerful tool designed in Australia to aid in the design of temporay stormwater channels. It has a user-friendly interface and has been developed for erosion control works with small catchments and, in particular, for the design of minor excavated channels using products listed in the “Blue Book” (Landcom, 2004).

FloCal is not intended for use in natural or major excavated channels.

The program will help you to:

  • quickly and accurately determine flow depths and velocities in a constructed channel;
  • quickly assess various channel widths and depths to facilitate better design;
  • assess channel lining properties for safety and stability in the design storm; and
  • design temporary stormwater channels for construction sites that comply with local regulations.

Reports can be previewed, printed to your default printer, or opened in MSWord or as Rich Text Format (*.rtf) files.

Using SEEC’s FloCal you can minimise the erosion risk in temporary channels and get it right first time.