Acid sulfate soil investigations and management plans

Soil investigations in coastal areas to identify acid sulfate soils. In addition to causing environmental harm, these soils pose a risk to built structures and need to be carefully managed.

Contamination assessment and management plans

We provide all levels of assessment on potentially contaminated sites, from Preliminary Assessment through to Validation.

Environmental management plans (EMPs)

We prepare plans identifying operational-stage environmental risks, along with mitigation and/or management strategies for each.

Onsite effluent and wastewater assessments

On allotments where sewer is not available there are strict government requirements controlling onsite treatment and disposal of effluent. We assess your site and prepare a report to accompany your DA detailing how those requirements will be met.

Soil assessments

Soil assessments to determine the suitability for various applications including effluent disposal, stormwater, slab design, foundation stability, revegetation or agricultural use.

Land capability and development constraints analyses

Expert determinations of land capability to support specific land uses, both urban and rural. We regularly conduct land analyses to help develop Council policies for land use zoning changes or new urban releases.

Salinity investigations and management plans

We offer both urban and rural investigations into potential salinity impacts. This includes Level 1, 2 and 3 Salinity Responses in accordance with the requirements of Councils in Western Sydney.

Expert witness

Services provided on any of the above topics relating to soil, water and land management.